The Board of Presbyters are friends and members of the ministry that generously offer their time, wisdom, recommendations, 

and/or monetary gifts to ensure the mission is accomplished. They are invited because of their open minds

and the unconditional love and acceptance that they constantly demonstrate. It is our pleasure to recognize the following persons

for their distinguished service and gifts to the ministry:


Ms. Cheryl Bly, RN (Began service in 2008), Member Emerita

Virginia Beach, VA

Mr. Wayne Parrish, US Navy Veteran (Began service in 2012), Member Emeritus

Chesapeake, VA

Mr. Michael Babb, MPA  (Began service in 2011) Deacon and Emeritus Board Chair

MDV Area


Rev. Warren White, US Army Veteran, (Began service in 2009), Member Emeritus

Norfolk, VA

Deacon Travis Greene (2016-2021)

Newport News, VA

First Gentleman William White (2014-2021) Secretary

Norfolk, VA

Deacon Tanesha Blake (2019-2021)

Atlanta, Georgia

Deacon Sherese Smaw (2020)

Norfolk, VA

Ms. Bethany Moore (2019-2021)
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Charles Finklea, Minister of Music (2019-2021)

Chesapeake, VA

Rev. Bathsheba Ormond, M.Th., Assistant Pastor (2019-2021)

North Carolina

Mrs. Cynquetta Harris-Johnson (2019-2021)

Suffolk, VA

Min. E. J. Williams, M.S.W., (2020)

Virginia Beach, VA

Aprillya Lanz, PhD (2011-2015)

Norfolk, VA


Terry Alford, PhD (2011-2015)

Phoenix, AZ


Mr. Patrick (US Marine Corps Veteran) and Mrs. Briana Alman, LTJG (2014-2015)

San Diego, CA

Mr. Corban Myers, US Army Veteran (2013-2015)

Harrisonburg, VA


Mrs. Lendora Riddick, MSW (2015), Member Emerita

Portsmouth, VA


Mr. Xq Lewis, Deacon Emeritus (2016)

Newport News, VA


Rev. Jessica Dudley (2014-2016)

Ms. Rotia Dudley (2014-2016)

Portsmouth, VA







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