From October 2015 to December 2015, we offered a course designed to examine the Bible's origin and content. At the end of the course, students were asked to write a reflection of their ideas. The following post represents a sample of what was submitted:


A) My Bible is… submitted by First Gentleman William White


My Bible is not all true. It helps me out when I am blue.

The stories that relate to my life. I am glad I am not going to hell for not wanting a wife.

I have learned that this canon is a library by itself. When I want poetry, I pull job off the shelf.

My Bible is not all true.It helps me out when I am blue.

There were 400 years between the old and the new.But somehow it all appeals to you.

I look at Jesus as a dear friend.I know that G-d is not all angry within.

In my life this book has gone from being my stopper to my goer.

It encourages me to go out and do good deeds. Not sitting around asking G-d to throw a seed.

I used to be sooo afraid of Hell!

My Bible is not all true.It helps me out when I am blue.



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